VMware Workstation 5.5

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Importer Requirements

Importer — Application Requirements

The importer runs on the following Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP Professional.

Note: Although the importer operates only on Windows, after the migration you can transfer the virtual machine to the VMware-supported host platform of your choice.

Virtual Machine and System Image — Input Requirements

  • System images can be imported from Symantec LiveState Recovery.
  • Virtual machines can be imported from Microsoft Virtual PC version 7 and later.
  • Virtual machines can be imported from any version of Microsoft Virtual Server.
  • Virtual machines from Macintosh versions of Virtual PC are not supported.
  • Virtual machines must be powered off before you attempt the migration process. Suspended virtual machines cannot be migrated.
  • The operating system on the source Virtual PC or Virtual Server virtual machine must be a Windows guest operating system — but not Windows 9x — supported by the intended VMware platform (for example, VMware Workstation 4 or 5). See the VMware Web site for a list of supported operating systems:
  • Note: Virtual PC and Virtual Server virtual machines with Windows 9x, and non-Windows guest operating systems (for example, Linux and DOS), are not compatible with VMware Virtual Machine Importer. This is true even when the destination VMware platform otherwise supports that guest operating system.

    The VMware Virtual Machine — Output Compatibility

  • The resulting VMware virtual machine can be used with Workstation 4.x or Workstation 5.x.
  • Note: Workstation 4 virtual machines are compatible with VMware GSX Server 3.0, ESX Server 2.x, and ACE 1.x.

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