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Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance

VMware Workstation incorporates a set of performance counters that work with Microsoft's Performance console so you can collect performance data from running virtual machines.

Note: The Performance console is available only on Windows hosts. You cannot monitor performance for virtual machines on Linux hosts. However, you can monitor the performance of any virtual machines running on the Windows host, including those running Linux guest operating systems.

The VMware Workstation performance counters can monitor the following data from a running virtual machine:

  • Reading and writing to virtual disks
  • Memory used by the virtual machine
  • Virtual network traffic
  • You can track virtual machine performance only when a virtual machine is running. The performance counters reflect the state of the virtual machine, not the guest operating system. For example, the counters can record how often a virtual machine reads from a virtual disk, but they cannot track how many processes are running inside the guest operating system. An explanation of each counter appears in the Performance console.

    To add counters to track virtual machine performance, use the Windows Performance console. Take the following steps.

    1. Open the Administrative Tools control panel and double-click Performance. The Performance console opens.

    2. Click the plus (+) sign on the toolbar. The Add Counters dialog box appears.

    Link to perfmon_add_ws.png

    3. In the Performance object list, select VMware.

    4. Decide whether you want to add all counters or select specific counters from the list.

    5. To use these counters for all running virtual machines, select All instances. To use the counters for specific virtual machines, select Select instances from list, then choose the virtual machines you want. The names shown in the list correspond to the display names of running virtual machines.

    Note: For a brief description of each counter, click Explain. When you select a counter from the list, a description appears below the Add Counters dialog box.

    6. Click Add to add the counters to the Performance console.

    Link to perfmon_graph_ws.png

    For more information about using the Performance console, choose Action > Help in the Performance console or go to the Microsoft Web site.

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