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The Snapshot Manager Window

The following figures show the elements of the snapshot manager window. These elements are described in the following sections.

Link to snapshot_manager2.png

The snapshot manager: Windows host

Link to l_snapshot_manager2.png

The snapshot manager: Linux host

Snapshot Tree

— The snapshot tree shows all snapshots for the active virtual machine.

Linux hosts have a zoom feature to change the magnification of the tree.

  • Click Zoom In to increase magnification for the snapshot tree display.
  • Click Zoom out to decrease magnification for the snapshot tree display. If you have many snapshots, this feature allows you to view the whole snapshot tree.
  • You can act directly on snapshots in the snapshot tree.



    Click a snapshot

    Selects that snapshot. To act on the selected snapshots, click one of the command buttons: Take Snapshot, Delete, and Clone. See Command Buttons

    Double-click a snapshot

    Reverts to that snapshot and restores the power state of the virtual machine at the time the snapshot was taken.

    Right-click a snapshot

    Displays a pop-up menu with commands available to that snapshot.

  • Go to Snapshot — This command opens the selected snapshot as if you clicked the Go To Snapshot button.
  • Clone This snapshot — This command creates a stand-alone virtual machine called a clone. Refer to Cloning a Virtual Machine for a description of clones.
  • Delete — This command deletes the selected snapshots.
  • Move the cursor over a snapshot (without clicking)

    Displays the complete name of that snapshot. This is useful when a long name is truncated in the snapshot tree display.

    Details Region

    — This area displays information about the selected snapshot: name, description, and thumbnail screenshot. If you have not selected a snapshot, these fields are blank.

    Command Buttons

    — The snapshot manager has three command buttons: Take Snapshot, Delete, and Clone.

    Note: In the Linux snapshot manager, command buttons are displayed at the top. In the Windows snapshot manager, command buttons are on the right side.




    Removes the selected snapshots. The state of the virtual machine represented by that snapshot is no longer available.


    Creates a completely independent copy of the virtual machine from the selected snapshot. See Cloning a Virtual Machine.

    Take Snapshot

    Creates a snapshot. See Taking a Snapshot.

    Navigation Region

    — This area contains buttons to navigate out of the dialog box.

  • Go To — opens the selected snapshot and powers on the virtual machine, discarding the current state.
  • Close — closes the snapshot manager.
  • Help — opens the Workstation help system.
  • You Are Here Icon

    — The You Are Here icon always represents the current and active state of the virtual machine. The You Are Here icon is always selected and visible when you open the snapshot manager.

    You cannot go to or select the You Are Here state. The You Are Here icon does not represent a snapshot, but rather the virtual machine state after the parent snapshot (see The Parent Snapshot). A snapshot is always a static record of a virtual machine state. The You Are Here state can be operational and changing.

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