VMware Workstation 5.5

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Power Off vs. Shut Down

You can configure the Power Off button to turn off a virtual machine or team in two ways:

  • You can set the Power Off button to work as a power switch works on a power supply. The virtual machine is abruptly powered off, with no consideration for work in progress.
  • Caution: If a virtual machine is writing to disk when it receives a Power Off command, data corruption may occur.

  • You can also set the Power Off button to send a shut down signal to the guest operating system. An operating system that recognizes this signal shuts down gracefully.
  • Note: Not all guest operating systems respond to a shut down signal from this button. If your operating system does not respond to a shut down signal, shut down from within the operating system, as you would with a physical machine.

    For instructions on configuring the Power Off button, see Power Controls in the section Power.

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