VMware Workstation 5.5

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Cloning and Taking Snapshots of Team Members

Cloning a Virtual Machine in a Team

You can clone a virtual machine in a team in the same way you clone any other virtual machine. See Creating Clones. When you clone a virtual machine in a team

  • The resulting clone is not part of the team.
  • The clone automatically appears on the Favorites list as well as in a summary window.
  • If the parent virtual machine is configured for a LAN segment, the virtual Ethernet adapter for that LAN segment on the clone is disconnected. To connect to a network, you must reconfigure the virtual Ethernet adapter manually.
  • Taking Snapshots of Individual Virtual Machines in a Team

    Snapshots operate on virtual machines, not on the whole team. When a team is active, the Snapshot button on the toolbar takes a snapshot of only the active virtual machine.

    If you want to preserve the state of all virtual machines on a team, power off the team, then take a snapshot of each virtual machine before you power on the team again.

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