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LAN Segment Requirements

The following sections describe the requirements for virtual machines connecting to a LAN segment.

Network Adapter

A physical PC must have a network adapter for each physical network connection. Similarly, a virtual machine must be configured with a virtual network adapter for each LAN segment it interacts with. To connect a virtual machine to multiple LAN segments simultaneously, you must configure that virtual machine with multiple network adapters.

LAN Segment IP Addresses

Each network client must have an IP address for TCP/IP networking. Unlike host-only and NAT networking, LAN segments have no DHCP server provided automatically by VMware Workstation. Therefore you must manually configure IP addressing for team virtual machines on a LAN segment. There are two choices.

  • DHCP — Configure a DHCP server on your LAN segment to allocate IP addresses to your virtual machines.
  • Static IP — Configure a fixed IP address for each virtual machine on the LAN segment.
  • Note: When you add an existing virtual machine to a team, the virtual machine may be configured to expect an IP address from a DHCP server. A DHCP server is not automatically provided for a virtual LAN segment. You must provide a DHCP server on the LAN segment, or reconfigure the virtual machine to use a static IP address. See Configuring a Virtual Network.

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