VMware Workstation 5.5

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Removing a Virtual Machine from a Team

To remove a virtual machine from a team

1. Select the team with the virtual machine you want to remove.

Click the summary or console tab for the desired team, or select the team name in the Favorites list.

2. Choose Team > Remove > <virtual machine name>.

The selected virtual machine is removed from the team. You can now use it independently

Note: When you remove a virtual machine from a team, you also remove it from team LAN segments. Virtual network adapters associated with LAN segments become disconnected. Bridged, host-only, NAT and vmnet configurations remain unchanged.

If you want to completely delete a virtual machine and erase its files from the host file system, see Deleting a Virtual Machine.

Teams and the Favorites List

When you add a virtual machine to a team, it is automatically deleted from the Favorites list. However, a virtual machine is not automatically added to the Favorites list when you remove it from a team. You must manually add a virtual machine to the Favorites list after removing it from a team. See Adding an Item to the Favorites List.

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