VMware Workstation 5.5

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Upgrading from Version 3 to Version 5

1. Uninstall the Workstation version now installed on your computer. For details, see Removing Version 3.

Note: The uninstaller may offer to remove licenses from your registry. Do not remove the licenses.

2. Reboot your computer.

3. Install version 5.

Note: When you are upgrading with an upgrade serial number, the installer checks for the presence of a version 4 license on the computer. If it finds no version 4 license, it prompts you to enter your version 4 serial number.

4. Reboot your computer.

Removing Version 3

1. Launch the VMware Workstation uninstaller.
Start > Programs > VMware > VMware Workstation Uninstallation

2. Click Yes.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions. You need to keep your existing license in the Windows registry.

After you reboot, follow the instructions in Installing VMware Workstation 5 on a Windows Host.

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