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Use a Legacy Virtual Machine with Upgrade

If you upgrade an existing virtual machine from Workstation 4.x, GSX Server 3.x or ESX Server 2.x, you gain access to new features and enjoy the performance benefits of the new virtual machine, including:

  • Multiple snapshots
  • Streaming USB input devices
  • Increased network bandwidth, optimized disk and memory cache
  • Support for 64-bit guest operating systems (Workstation version 5.5 and later).
  • Note: If your virtual machine was created in Workstation 5.0, you do not need to upgrade the virtual machine for 64-bit guest support. However, you do need to upgrade the Workstation 5.0 program software to version 5.5. You can install the Workstation 5.5 software directly over the Workstation 5.0 software.

    Notes on Upgrading a Virtual Machine

  • If you previously installed the version of VMware Tools included in Workstation 5, you must reinstall after the virtual machine upgrade and choose the "Repair" option.
  • If you are upgrading a virtual machine that runs from a physical disk, rather than a virtual disk, you may see the following error message while VMware Workstation is upgrading the virtual machine: "Unable to upgrade <drivename>. One of the supplied parameters is invalid." You may safely click OK to continue the upgrade process.
  • When you update a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 virtual machine, the Microsoft product activation feature requires you to reactivate the guest operating system.
  • The virtual machine upgrade is irreversible: Virtual machines upgraded to Workstation 5 are incompatible with VMware Workstation 3, Workstation 4.x, GSX Server 3.x and ESX Server 2.x. Make backup copies of your virtual disks before starting the upgrade.
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