VMware Workstation 5.5

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Helping VMware with Experimental Support

VMware offers only experimental support for Direct3D acceleration. VMware may not respond personally to all support requests regarding Direct3D acceleration.

VMware is interested in

  • Catastrophic failures such as bluescreening the guest, or 3-D applications that crash VMware Workstation
  • Testing reports about ATI 8500 (and later) video cards (whether or not they work)
  • Testing reports about Linux host operating systems (whether or not they work).
  • Testing reports about specific DirectX8 and DX9 applications you are using (whether or not they work)
  • Specific problems you are having when running 3-D
  • Specific directions you want to see VMware 3-D technology evolve
  • Specific and detailed reports can help speed this feature from experimental support to full functionality. Please include as many details about your configuration, 3-D applications, and hardware as you can.

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