SPECweb2005 Performance on ESX Server 3.5

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January 30, 2008

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Virtualization is revolutionizing data center computing by making it easy for people to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications seamlessly on the same computer. More and more organizations are adopting VMware® Infrastructure 3 for server consolidation and to reduce the total cost of ownership.VMware ESX Server 3.5 is designed for high performance. With a number of optimizations for superior performance, even the most I/O intensive applications perform well when deployed on VMware Infrastructure 3. In this paper we compare the performance of a virtual machine to that of a similarly configured native machine using the industry standard SPECweb2005 workload. In our virtualized tests we achieved close to 85 percent of native throughput performance using the highly network intensive SPECweb2005 workload. In the tests focused on measuring latency, we did not observe any noticeable difference in application latency between the native and virtual environments. These results demonstrate that users need not sacrifice performance in order to embrace the benefits of virtualization technology.