VMware vCenter Server Performance and Best Practices for vSphere 4.1

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August 12, 2010

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VMware vCenter Server allows you to manage all levels of a VMware vSphere deployment”from datacenters to clusters, hosts, and individual VMs. As a central part of vSphere, vCenter Server meets the rigorous performance demands of an Enterprise-wide IT component. The product contains the performance features expected of software that is part of a world-class virtualization platform, and it offers features that allow administrators to maintain the software™s performance. This white paper addresses four areas of common concerns regarding vCenter Server performance: 1) Performance improvements in vSphere 4.1 compared to vSphere 4.0, 2) vCenter Server sizing guidelines and software requirements, 3) Best practices in performance monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting, and 4) Case studies demonstrating performance improvements in vSphere 4.1.