Whats New in VMware vCenter 5.0

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March 10, 2011

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Virtualization is changing the way business is performed. With the advent of new and enhanced technologies for use in virtualized environments, customers are now able to achieve levels of efficiency and utilization unheard of in years past. Large-scale environments, such as with cloud-based services, now push the scope of managed objectsto ever-increasing levels. To continue down this road, IT professionals must have a comprehensivevirtualization management solution.As a leader in datacenter virtualization and virtualization management, VMware understands these needs. With the release of VMware vSphere„¢ 5.0 (œvSphere ), the following new capabilities and technologies are among those being added to the vSphere platform to provide enhanced virtualization management:¢ vSphere Web Client¢ VMware vCenter„¢ Server Appliance¢ Enhanced VMware vCenter Server availabilityThis paper discusses the enhancements that VMware has provided in these three areas and the associated benefits