Testing Mitel Contact Center and Call Accounting Software with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, vSphere & vCloud Director

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May 05, 2012

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Mitel Virtual Contact Center and Mitel Virtual Call Accounting, when deployed in a VMware® vSphere virtual environment, can provide high availability and disaster recovery using VMware vSphere High Availability and Fault Tolerance, and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Mitel Virtual Contact Center and Virtual Call Accounting software delivers a scalable and resilient solution that provides businesses with the ability to streamline customer interaction and improve worker productivity. In conjunction with Virtual Mitel Communications Director, the solution delivers a modular suite of web-based applications that supports traditional and emerging customer interaction methods such as Voice, Email, Web Chat, FAX, Short Message Service (SMS), and Social Media. This paper describes the functional testing that was performed using these applications with Site Recovery Manager, advanced vSphere features including vMotion, DRS, HA, and Fault Tolerance, and vCloud Director. It is written for experienced architects and engineers who are responsible for the VMware virtualization environment. It assumes that the reader has knowledge of the VMware and Mitel products described in the paper.