VMware vCloud Director Resource Allocation Models

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September 18, 2012

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VMware vCloud® Director enables users to build a private cloud“based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering within their organization. By providing a secure, on-demand ability for end users to deploy workloads, companies can realize a level of agility previously thought impossible.Resource design for vCloud Director involves examining requirements to determine how best to partition andorganize resources. With the commoditization of infrastructure resources, the ability to scale them becomesincreasingly important. When designing for vCloud Director, keep in mind that the ultimate consumers of theproduct are the end users of the system. Taking a top-down approach to vCloud Director design necessitatesan understanding of the new abstractions introduced in the vCloud API and how they map to traditionalVMware vSphere® objects. This paper was developed to provide additional insight and information as to howvCloud Director allocation models relate to vSphere resource management. The paper reviews and discussesvarious design considerations and operational procedures.