3D Graphics for Engineering Workloads in View Virtual Desktops in Horizon 6: Reference Architecture

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August 24, 2015

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In the past, it was nearly impossible to use virtual desktops as graphics workstations. The latest generation of hardware-based graphics acceleration technology from VMware and NVIDIA makes this task feasible, by moving the required functionality from the individual workstation to the data center, making immersive 3D graphics available to remote users.This reference architecture offers guidance and validation for deploying heavy 3D engineering workloads on View virtual desktops in Horizon 6. Some topics are How to choose the right GPU-acceleration technology How to size hardware resources for computer-aided design (CAD) and other CAx applications The relation between hardware and software for graphics acceleration How to identify potential bottlenecks The use of direct pass-through and vGPU technology to illustrate the level of performance that typical CAD and CAx users can expect when working in a virtualized environment