AlwaysOn Point of Care Solution with View in Horizon: Reference Implementation Case Study for European Healthcare Provider

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June 03, 2015

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This VMware Horizon reference implementation case study focuses on a View virtual desktop implementation at a Danish healthcare organization. The legacy IT systems at many Danish healthcare providers were negatively impacting patient care. Excessive login and access times to applications and data were causing doctors and nurses to spend less time in front of each patient. IT departments were spending their efforts on setting up and maintaining individual PCs for each clinical worker. The situation was so out of balance that the Danish government legislated their healthcare providers to improve it.In one healthcare region, Region Hovedstaden (Region H), administrators transformed their point-of-care desktop system. Region H deployed a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution, which significantly reduces the person-hours that it takes for healthcare professionals to access applications and data. The adoption of a common desktop for all healthcare workers saves time in setting up and provisioning desktops, fixing them, and deploying applications. The implementation team identified several key drivers: streamline application delivery across multiple desktop types, and provide secure remote access for doctors and healthcare workers. Even more important was the directive to drastically lower clinicians™ login and reconnect times, while allowing individuals to keep the same desktop between sessions. The VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care solution, based on View virtual desktops in VMware Horizon, was the answer.