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What is cloud networking?

Cloud networking is a type of infrastructure where network capabilities and resources are available on demand through a third-party service provider that hosts them on a cloud platform. The network resources can include virtual routers, firewalls, and bandwidth and network management software, with other tools and functions becoming available as required. Companies can either use cloud networking resources to manage an in-house network or use the resources completely in the cloud.

Cloud networking definition

Cloud networking describes a software-defined computer network that is within a cloud computing infrastructure. Internal and external computing resources and users can use the network to connect and communicate with each other.

Why cloud networking?

Use of cloud networking reduces the number of management devices and the amount of investment needed for networks. The third-party service provider manages, secures and maintains the network, while the company using the service can access resources on-demand, and can easily scale, customize and virtualize their network.

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Cloud networking technology

Cloud networking technology enables cloud computing to deploy virtual machines and networks, enable big data transfer and ensure low latency. Cloud networking technology includes products such as wireless LAN networks and software-defined WAN.

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