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What is cloud security?

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Cloud security encompasses the technology and guidelines designed to protect data and information within a cloud architecture. It ensures data privacy, security and compliance around data stored in the cloud. Data in the cloud is usually stored securely using encryption, meaning that a key is needed to decipher the data. Cloud security also involves the security controls and process improvements that strengthen the system, provide warnings related to potential attackers and detect incidents that do occur. Cloud security considerations should also include a business continuity plan and data backup plan in case of a security breach or other catastrophe. There are various cloud security solutions for the public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud that involve a wide range of tools.

Why cloud security?

Cloud computing is often dynamic and involves shared resources. Both these situations can increase security risks. With a robust cloud security plan, companies can take advantage of cloud computing benefits while also minimizing the risks.

Benefits of cloud security

An effective cloud security solution means network protection against attacks and threats. Cloud security also provides additional benefits, including improved availability through live monitoring and support, increased reliability because of built-in redundancy, and better security and compliance with protocols that protect data.

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