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What is future-ready cloud?

Future-ready Cloud is a solution from VMware that enables organizations to swiftly respond to new infrastructure demands. Using VMware Cloud on AWS or VMware Cloud Foundation, organizations working with a cloud partner can deploy a proven business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) platform that takes advantage of the scalability and economics of public cloud.

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Further, organizations that utilize VMware for on-premises infrastructure can utilize future-ready cloud to scale rapidly within existing data centers and expand easily into the cloud, thanks in part to automation that spans a hybrid IT environment. These automation tools can facilitate improved IT efficiency across the data center, into the cloud and to the edge.

Future Ready Cloud solutions enable a unique multi-cloud strategy across AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba Cloud and 169 more providers while maintaining consistent infrastructure and operations, including

  • Migration of live, production apps to any cloud without the cost, complexity or risk of refactoring
  • Gain access to any cloud service to speed app modernization efforts
  • Ability to leverage a single platform for all applications, traditional and cloud native, thus reducing operational costs and complexity

Future Ready Cloud gives every business a clear view of all infrastructure costs, including on-premises and in any cloud, exposing areas for potential cost reduction and resource alignment without jeopardizing key initiatives. Based on past experience, Future Ready Cloud:VMware can reduce cloud spend by 25%, helping businesses achieve new budget targets

Future Ready Cloud enables proactive management of multi-cloud operations with CloudHealth, which can help drive business alignment for current and future cloud services by aligning to business KPIs and continuously optimize deployments to automatically remediate cost overruns and security violations.

Many organizations have accelerated cloud strategies to access the scale resources required for changing business demands, to adopt a more modern app architecture, take advantage of more efficient operations and shift economics IT. But inconsistent architectures between existing infrastructure and between cloud providers have delayed these efforts. Traditional incompatibilities between the data center and cloud providers have limited the value of cloud for disaster recovery solutions and have created cost and risk barriers to cloud migration. Future Ready Cloud seeks to eliminate those barriers.

What is a future-ready cloud journey?

A future-ready cloud journey is a strategy that begins with an organization’s on-premises VMware infrastructure and grow both horizontally within the data center and out to any one of a number of VMware cloud partners. Since every organization’s journey is at a different page, the future-ready cloud solution adapts to changing conditions, letting organizations establish consistent operations across clouds, leveraging a consistent architectural model that extends from your edge to data center to public clouds. This reduces the complexity and cost of an organization’s cloud journey, granting organizations the flexibility to deliver apps across any cloud.

As an organization’s journey may include application modernization utilizing a multi-cloud approach, the Future Ready Cloud Solution customizes a multi-cloud strategy by tapping into a full array of innovative services from AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba Cloud and 169 additional providers.

What is future-ready cloud ERP?

As the demand for modern, cloud-native applications continues to grow, the future-ready application solution helps streamline the delivery of those modern applications by packaging modern development platforms and technologies with expert guidance on improving collaboration between developers and operations teams.

 This is realized in part by the VMware Tanzu portfolio,  which speeds creation of new apps and services that support growth by providing a single development and delivery platform. This enables applications to run on any cloud, facilitates seamlessly migration of apps from one cloud to another, accelerates application modernization, and facilitates the adoption of container and cloud-native app principles.

 The future-ready Apps Solution also enhances an organization’s long-term innovation by facilitation rapid delivery of new apps that redefine customer engagement, establish new revenue models and support evolving digital experiences for employees.

What are the benefits of future ready cloud?

Future Ready Cloud solutions enable automation across the entire hybrid cloud, maximizing the efficiency of IT systems and teams for all environments: data center, cloud and edge. This is realized by an offering that includes one of the most proven and trusted platforms for business continuity and disaster recovery, which enables systems to remain operational and protect vital business services. 

This approach enables leveraging cloud scale and economics to protect business operations through the ability to scale rapidly within the data center and to the cloud for increased capacity or scale down for instant cost savings that match financial realities.

How does future ready cloud work?

Future Ready Cloud delivers consistency across the data center, cloud and edge, giving maximum flexibility for how applications are supported and how business operations are delivered. This consistent architecture, combined with proven operations, tools, policies, and skills provides a foundation for supporting all current business services while adapting to future needs and challenges.

By providing a long-term view of a multi-cloud, hybrid IT environment, Future Ready Cloud can help modernize existing applications, drive new application development, and give every business the flexibility to leverage all their cloud providers seamlessly.

Future Ready Cloud also enables VMware to drive cost optimization strategies that align future cloud costs to optimal investments across a portfolio of resources, providing for long term enterprise financial health. This consistent architectural model across data center, cloud, and edge offers the highest level of flexibility for running apps on any cloud, migrating workloads without the cost, complexity and risk of refactoring apps and scaling to the cloud seamlessly.

Further, providing for consistent operations across the enterprise eliminates the excess cost and inefficiencies created by diverse teams, tools, policies and specialized skills previously required for each platform or IT arena. This consolidated application platform accelerates development and delivery processes, speeding delivery of innovative services that reinvent customer engagement and employee services. To further achieve these goals, CloudHealth by VMware gives clear visibility into all infrastructure costs—including on-premises and cloud environments—so organizations can develop data-driven cost-optimization strategies, thus improving resource alignment and exposing areas that are ripe for cost reduction.

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