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What is IT automation?

How companies are achieving agility with automation

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IT automation accelerates the delivery of IT infrastructure and applications by automating manual processes that formerly required a human touch. Software is used to set up repeatable instructions, processes, or policies that save time and free up IT staff for more strategic work.

A wide range of data center and cloud operations can be automated. Thanks to automation, IT environments can scale faster with fewer errors and are more responsive to business needs. A fully automated environment can reduce the time to deliver production-ready resources to business stakeholders from weeks to less than a day.

IT automation definition

IT automation is the use of software and systems to perform automated processes and tasks, replacing the manual and time-consuming work of IT professionals. With the rise of virtualized networks and cloud services, automation is an indispensable strategy for helping IT teams deliver services with improved speed, consistency, and security.

How does IT automation work?

IT automation software can perform a range of IT tasks and processes, from simple to complex. For example, software can trigger an action (or a sequence of actions) in response to a threshold or change in IT capacity or demand. Automation can be used to create networking or security templates and blueprints, and to configure applications and provision production-ready infrastructure.

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