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What is NSX VMware?

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NSX VMware — more commonly known as VMware NSX or NSX from VMware — is a virtual software-defined networking (SDN) and security platform. NSX runs on VMware’s cloud computer network and provides VPNs, load balancers, firewalls, routers, and switches, ensuring users a stable, secure network for their apps and data. 

Benefits of VMware NSX

  • Removes operational barriers to setting up a network, allowing for quicker implementation 

  • Separates network duties of server oversight and security without degrading performance

NSX Data Center

NSX Data Center is the network virtualization and security platform for the Software-Defined Data Center. A Software-Defined Data Center is a data center where all infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. NSX Data Center delivers security and networking completely in the software, abstracted from the underlying physical typology.

NSX Data Center provisions networking functions including firewalling, network switching, routing, and load balancing in software instead of hardware. This creates a level of security, speed, and agility that isn’t possible with traditional architecture. NSX Data Center also prevents threats from moving laterally from server to server. In addition, it provides security policies directly to an application. NSX Data Center ensures an application will maintain its connection even as the network changes overtime.

NSX Cloud

When apps run natively on multiple public clouds, they usually use their own security constructs and policy management. Running natively on multiple clouds creates a complex set of security infrastructure silos and is expensive. NSX cloud delivers consistent networking by using operationally scalable micro-segmentation security for apps that run natively in public clouds. With NSX cloud, security policies can be applied to workloads anywhere in the system. This provides easy control over application workloads by using security policies based on workload attributes and user-defined tags.


Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) makes branch office networking less complex. It also optimizes application performance over hybrid WAN and the Internet. SD-WAN helps provide consistent connectivity to the virtual cloud network by eliminating data center backhaul penalties using a network that provides a direct path to private and public enterprise clouds.

NSX Hybrid Connect

NSX Hybrid Connect securely interconnects data centers and clouds. Since it is compatible across different vSphere versions, you do not need to upgrade your pre-existing infrastructure.

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