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What is OpenStack API?

OpenStack is the most popular open source solution for cloud data center management in enterprise. OpenStack was originally developed as a partnership between RackSpace & NASA. Business organizations, academic researchers, or other groups can install OpenStack to orchestrate data center operations on bare metalprivate cloud hardware, public cloud resources, or both (hybrid/multi-cloud architecture). OpenStack includes advance use of virtualization & SDN for network traffic optimization.

OpenStack API allows programmers and developers to build scripts that automate hardware resource deployment in a data center through systems administration or software configuration. Enterprise applications need to scale to support millions of active web/mobile users. Developers utilize the OpenStack API to script container applications, web server stack configurations, elastic cloud orchestration, database functionality, network traffic optimization, and platform security.


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Components of OpenStack API

The OpenStack API supports thousands of software products from third-party developers and IT majors. Many of these companies develop ecosystem products in the OpenStack Marketplace that extend the core functionality of the platform. The Nova module can be accessed via API for the automated launch & provisioning of virtual machines (VMs). The Neutron module is extended via API for advanced load balancing on network traffic. The Cinder API references block storage, while Glance manages images.

The Keystone, Swift, Ceilometer, & Heat modules for OpenStack can be extended via API for network analytics, application/server monitoring, and platform security utilities. VMware products like vCloud & NSX Data Center support OpenStack APIs for building hybrid/multi-cloud architecture for software applications, industry, & manufacturing. The OpenStack API is also used in edge computing. Many companies are currently building custom solutions bridging OpenStack & Kubernetes for production support of web/mobile applications at scale or internal business operations.

How to Use OpenStack APIs

OpenStack has a modular architecture with core module functionality that can be supplemented by software utilities that are installed on the network. Companies have the choice of buying OpenStack solutions from IT majors and startup companies in the marketplace, or building their own custom coded solutions with in-house teams. Many enterprise corporations choose a packaged OpenStack distribution from one of the major Linux development companies like Ubuntu, Red Hat, or SUSE

A bundled Linux OpenStack distribution can be installed with third-party utilities from the consultancy firm that optimize data center operations for industry or manufacturing. Companies need to build unique solutions for their production needs. Third-party developers build custom solutions for OpenStack that can save companies money over the in-house development of resources. It is recommended to browse the OpenStack Marketplace for extensive lists of API-driven products. Making use of third-party tools can speed the time of OpenStack installation or bringing software to market.

Examples of OpenStack APIs

VMware has extensive support for OpenStack APIs across their vCloud, vRealize, & NSX Data Center product suites. Red Hat OpenShift is now owned by IBM, while SUSE partners with HP for their OpenStack cloud data center solutions. The Ubuntu OpenStack distribution is most popular in enterprise with over 40% of market share. The OpenStack API can also be installed with Microsoft Azure Server.

Each of these IT major company includes additional utility, security, analytics, & monitoring software based on OpenStack APIs. There are thousands of additional products from independent third-party development companies available on the OpenStack Marketplace. There is also a large amount of competition between integrator companies on producing Kubernetes solutions for enterprise that utilize the OpenStack API for elastic web server automation at scale.


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