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Private cloud information

What is private cloud?

Private cloud describes an on-demand cloud deployment model where computing services and infrastructure are hosted privately, within a company’s own intranet or data center, and use proprietary resources. The company oversees management, maintenance and operation of the private cloud. Companies often choose between a private cloud and a public cloud (where cloud services are hosted by a provider), or a combination of the two, known as a hybrid cloud.

Private cloud definition

Private cloud is a cloud deployment model where computing resources are proprietary, and the system is hosted and managed internally.

Why private cloud?

A private cloud can offer additional security over a public cloud, because computing resources aren’t shared with other companies. Private cloud is often a necessary cloud model to meet specific security needs or compliance requirements. With a private cloud, the owner maintains complete control over the cloud. Many flexible options enable private clouds to have benefits similar to public clouds, if a company can make the investment.

Types of private cloud

Types of private cloud include software-only platforms, combined software and hardware packages and managed private cloud, which is also hosted on the customer’s premises but managed by a vendor.

Benefits of private cloud

A private cloud offers total system control and increased security, with dedicated hardware and physical infrastructure that’s used exclusively by the company that owns it. It also provides the ability to easily reallocate resources and perform specifically according to the requirements defined by the company.

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