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What is public cloud?

IT needs a modern data center with a unified platform for managing various cloud environments.

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A public cloud is a cloud deployment model where on-demand computing services and infrastructure from a third-party provider are shared across multiple organizations using the public Internet. The cloud service provider owns the physical infrastructure and takes care of maintaining and managing it. Public cloud often includes resources like virtual machines, applications, networking, and storage. Companies can choose between a public cloud and a private cloud (where data is stored within the company’s own data center), or a combination of the two, known as a hybrid cloud.

Public cloud definition

Public cloud is a cloud deployment model where computing resources are owned and operated by a provider and shared across multiple tenants via the Internet.

Why public cloud?

A public cloud can save companies the costs of investing in and maintaining their own hardware and infrastructure. A public cloud is also typically faster to set up, deploy and manage. Other public cloud benefits include the ability to pay only for the resources you use and to easily scale.

Public cloud versus private cloud

Public cloud is a cloud deployment model that offers computing resources from a third-party provider shared across multiple organizations, or “tenants,” allowing for lower cost, little maintenance, and easy scalability. A private cloud, where computing services and infrastructure are hosted within a company’s own data center, ensures greater control over data and extra security.

How public cloud works

A public cloud relies on a virtualized environment to create the cloud model, an infrastructure that enables multiple tenants to independently access shared resources on demand. It also relies on fast network connectivity to transmit data efficiently.

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