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What is vSAN VMware?

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vSAN VMware (formerly known as Virtual SAN) is a hyper-converged infrastructure solution with a vSphere-native, high-performance architecture. It is a core building block for the software-defined data center.

vSAN Reduces the Complexity of Traditional Storage

vSan’s storage policy-based management removes the burden of provisioning and maintaining numerous revisional volumes and data services. Policies are created with rules that define characteristics such as availability and performance. These policies are assigned with precision to individual machines. As requirements change, policy rules and assignments can be easily modified with no downtime.

vSAN combines direct-attached storage devices across a VMware vSphere cluster. By doing this, it creates a distributed, shared data store. On a VMware vSphere cluster, the user defines the storage requirements for virtual machines. Then, vSAN makes sure these policies are maintained and administered.

VMware vSAN Architecture

vSAN combines the host’s storage recourses into a single shared data store that can be used by all the hosts in the cluster. It uses a two-tier architecture which supports solid state drives (SSD) and hybrid configurations. The two tiers include a capacity tier and a caching tier. The caching tier is made of one or more SSDs per host. When using SSDs, the capacity tier is composed of at least one flash device. In the case of hybrid, the capacity tier is made of one hard drive.

vSAN Runs on Industry Standard x86 Servers 

As hyper-converged infrastructure powered by VMwear, vSan transforms industry standard x86 servers and turns storage into hyper-converged info structures. This eliminates high IT costs, complexity, and performance limitations. Since x86 servers are a native component, users can easily enable vSan without additional software. 

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