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What is vSphere VMware?

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vSphere VMware (formerly called VMware Infrastructure) is VMware’s cloud operating virtualization suite used for implementing and managing virtual machine infrastructure. It includes products such as vCenter management software and ESXi hypervisor. VSphere receives periodic updates to add features to the API and ESXi Shell. Presently, VMware vSphere is on version 6.7.

As a simplified cloud computing infrastructure, vSphere helps IT departments provide reliable security services. This includes managing, connecting, running, and securing applications across the hybrid cloud. vSphere provides a secure foundation that supports new workloads and use cases while advancing with the needs of the infrastructure. 

vSphere manages the datacenter and large collections of infrastructure as a seamless operating environment. It provides access, infrastructure, data, and security applications. Next, vSphere virtualizes and assembles underlying hardware resources across multiple systems. Then, it provides resources to the data center.

Main Features of VMware vSphere:

  • Application Services are services provided to ensure that applications are secure and available.

  • VMware vCenter Server provides the data center with a single point of control. This includes data center services such as configuration, performance monitoring, and access control.

Infrastructure Services Categorizes:

  • VMware vNetwork: Technologies that enhance and simplify virtual networking.

  • VMware vCompute: These services aggregate underlying disparate server resources across many discrete servers and assign them to applications.

  • VMware vStorage: Technologies that use the most efficient management of virtual storage.

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