The Principal Partner Difference

Highest Expertise

VMware Partner Connect Principal partners have earned Master Services Competencies (MSCs) that show they have the deepest expertise to help identify and implement the right VMware solutions. Principal partners have invested thousands of hours and substantial funding to build their practice and acquire the level of mastery needed, helping ensure you obtain the outcome you desire in the timeline you need.

Each MSC requires advanced technical certifications and proof of high-level service capability and expertise validated by customers

  • Certifications – a specific number of unique individuals are required to complete a designated number of solution-specific certifications or badges
  • References – services delivery expertise must be demonstrated by providing customer references for recently completed projects that validates experience and expertise in a specific VMware solution area.

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Partner Connect Principal partner IPM “…invested the right amount of time and people to get to the highest level of certification.”

Trusted Advisors

VMware is committed to delivering a best-in-class deployment experience to our customers. You can rest assured the Partner Connect Principal partners have the resources, knowledge, skill and tools necessary to successfully deliver VMware services.

With experience gained from hundreds of customer projects, Principal partners leverage a strong background to unlock the most value from VMware solutions.


Exceed Expectations

Principal partners help you unlock the most value from your solutions so you can achieve your business objectives faster. In fact, one out of every five customer deployments are completed in a month or less. Not only that, Principal partners must prove they have had successful customer deployments and delivered above and beyond customer expectations.


Global Partner of the Year Award Winners

Cloud Platform Transformation Award

Using solutions to advace to advance a customer's cloud journey to hybrid, public, or multi-cloud.

Trailblazer Award

An innovator and pioneer with VMware solutions using next-gen tech superpowers including 5G, Edge, and AI.

Social Impact Award

Positively impacting the world using VMware technologies.

Digital Transformation Award

Delivering superior value throughout the customer journey with solutions that generate exceptional customer outcomes.

Global Technology Innovation Award

Innovative use of VMware technologies in breakthrough solutions resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Services Excellence Award

Outstanding consulting, managed, and subscription services, that help VMware customers maximize their investment.

Look for the Principal Partner Badge

Principal Partners are the only badged partners within the VMware Partner Connect program. These partners have demonstrated continued efforts in becoming an expert in VMware solutions and service, and have taken the necessary steps through Master Services Competency (MSC) achievement—or the equivalent—as well as demonstrated a growing company sales performance. Principal partners are the most qualified partners in VMware Partner Connect and with this distinction, they demonstrate a broad range of expertise and the ability to best serve their customers’ needs.


Achieve Your Desired Outcome

With more than a thousand certified professionals across data center virtualization, network virtualization, multi-cloud, cloud native and mobility solutions, it’s easy to find a partner who delivers the results you want.

Find a Principal Partner

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