Enterprise-Grade Reliability

Reliable Day 2 operations, including: enterprise-grade scalability, ease of deployment, monitoring and management, 24x7 production support, and a global footprint.

Advanced Blockchain Attributes

Establish trust while maintaining privacy in multi-party networks. Achieve decentralized trust with fast consensus, distributed ledger technology, and virtualized compute engines for decentralized apps.

Flexibility and Extensibility

Deploy on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Support private and permissioned networks designed to enable a range of smart contract languages on a single platform.

Performance and Scalability

Take advantage of performance, scalability, reliability, resilience, and upgradability and leverage governance controls at global scale.



Flexible and Extensible Platform Architecture


• Support distributed applications written in a range of smart contract languages

• Deploy on prem, in the cloud, or use a cloud service

• Create private or permissioned networks


Consistent, Safe, Fault-Tolerant Architecture


• Consistent, cryptographically verifiable source of truth

• Byzantine Fault Tolerant state machine replication implementation


High Performance and Scale


• Solve the problems of scale and performance in blockchain solutions while preserving liveness and safety

• Scalable BFT achieves low latency through linear communication for the consensus phase


Multi-Party Access with Privacy


• Client data filtering ensures that parties have access only to data that is relevant to them in multi-party transactions

• Sub-transaction privacy ensures that parties only have visibility into parts of the transactions to which they are privy


Day 2 Operations and Management


• Enterprise-class management: deploy, manage and monitor

• Fault tolerant and highly available

• Reconfigurable and upgradeable with governance

• 24x7 production support

Use Cases for Blockchain

Financial Services Infrastructure

Financial Services Infrastructure of today uses siloed systems designed decades ago. Reconciliation of data in siloed systems results in friction, delays, and cost to clearing and settlement. Blockchain provides a single source of truth for multi-party transactions to be processed safely, securely, efficiently, and privately.

Supply Chain

Supply chain is now a global network of suppliers, factories, and customers scattered worldwide that rely on disconnected systems to process orders, deliver goods, and process payment. Blockchain provides a trusted platform for supply chain networks to transact on a single source of truth.


Blockchain can have a multi-facet impact on healthcare - from credentialing of hospital staff to verify that they have the proper education and training, to patient ownership of private data, to reducing vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in long and disjointed pharma supply chains.

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