Enhance Your Firewall with Advanced Threat Prevention

Powered by machine learning, VMware’s Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) offering for the NSX Service-defined Firewall delivers network traffic analysis, intrusion detection and prevention, and advance malware analysis with comprehensive network detection and response capabilities. The solution is purpose-built to protect data center traffic with the industry’s highest fidelity insights into advanced threats.

Explore the Service-defined Firewall

Protect your data center with a next-gen internal firewall that includes stateful layer 7 access controls and advanced threat prevention.

The Strongest Defense for Your Multi-Cloud

Learn how to better defend against advanced threats on your journey to Zero Trust.

Benefits of NSX Advanced Threat Prevention

Get Threat Visibility Everywhere

Inspect all internal data center traffic for threats with deep visibility that leverages multiple threat detection techniques simultaneously.

Protect Against Advanced Malware

Leverage Advanced Threat Prevention to detect malware that’s been engineered to evade standard security tools.

Focus on the Real Threats

Reduce false positives — by up to 90 percent. Improving the accuracy of your alerts and enable your security teams to focus on a small set of actual intrusions.

Evolve to Proactive Threat Hunting

Move beyond merely reacting to alerts. Proactively hunt for emerging threats to your network before they impact the business.

Key Capabilities of VMware NSX Advanced Threat Prevention

Detect Threats

Detect known threats in all east-west traffic using curated signatures based on precise application context.

Identify Anomalies

Uncover anomalous activity and malicious behavior across your network using supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Find Malicious Content

Find malicious content traversing your network via hardware emulation and supervised machine learning models.

Correlate Data

Filter large amounts of network data and events via a correlation engine to eliminate false positives and zero in on a smaller set of real intrusions.

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