Simplify Your Enterprise Branch WAN

VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® delivers high-performance, reliable branch access to cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based enterprise applications.

What SD-WAN Does 

Enables Migration To the Cloud

SD-WAN delivers hybrid, multi-cloud, and SaaS functionality to support the needs of businesses today.

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Simplified WAN Operations

Branch and remote site deployments are made simple with global WAN visibility, agility, and scale delivered through an automated platform.

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End-to-End Virtual Services Platform

SD-WAN connects any device or any user to any application across any location on the WAN with in-depth network analytics and security via a network overlay.

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Choices in Edge Security

Cloud security is paramount to SD-WAN and achieved through end-to-end segmentation and security VNFs via the SD-WAN platform.

Choices in Edge Security 


VeloCloud CEO and Co-founder explains about Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN

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Cloud-Delivered VMware SD-WAN in 4 Minutes

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Enable Business Continuity with VMware SD-WAN

Empowers your remote workforce, reduce disruption, and ensure business continuity.

What is a Virtual Cloud Network?

Discover the Virtual Cloud Network

Built on NSX technology, the Virtual Cloud Network delivers secure, pervasive connectivity for apps and data, wherever they live.

Software-Defined WAN For Dummies

Take a crash course in SD-WAN. This easy-to-read book gives you jargon-free best practices.    

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Secure and Reliable Cloud-Delivered VMware SD-WAN

VMware SD-WAN Gateways and Orchestrators enable optimized data paths.

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Performance and Reliability

Deliver hybrid WAN with high performance reliability, transport, and provider flexibility to assure optimal performance even for demanding applications, such as voice and video.

Cloud Network

Eliminate data center backhaul penalties with a cloud-ready network to provide an optimized direct path to public and private enterprise clouds.

Virtual Service Platform

Reduce the branch office footprint with a single click. VMware SD-WAN enables seamless insertion and chaining of virtualized services on-premises and in the cloud.

Automation and Orchestration

Centralized monitoring, visibility and cloud control enable zero-touch branch deployment while delivering automatic business policy and firmware updates, link performance, and capacity measurements.


VMware SD-WAN Gateway

VMware SD-WAN incorporates a distributed network of service gateways deployed at top tier cloud data centers around the world, providing scalability, redundancy and on-demand flexibility. VMware SD-WAN Gateways provide optimized data paths to all applications, branches and data centers along with the ability to deliver network services from the cloud.

VMware SD-WAN Edge

The VMware SD-WAN Edges are zero-touch enterprise-class appliances that provide secure optimized connectivity to private, public and hybrid applications, compute and virtualized services. VMware SD-WAN Edges perform deep application recognition, application and packet steering, performance metrics and end to end quality of service in addition to hosting virtual network function (VNF) services.

VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator

The VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator provides centralized enterprise-wide installation, configuration and real-time monitoring in addition to orchestrating the data flow through the cloud network. The VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator enables one-click provisioning of virtual services in the branch, the cloud, or the enterprise data center.

What Our Customers Are Saying 

“VMware SD-WAN is a godsend. It was incredibly easy to set up and seamless to use. It’s probably saved me about an hour of time today alone in time wasted logging into the VPN. I think as we consider remote work for our division this item should be considered mandatory for optimal business performance.”

--Tim Swenson, Chief of Staff – Office of the Division Head, MD Anderson

“VMware’s SD-WAN platform has helped unify a formerly disparate network, adding increased visibility and management that wasn’t present before.”

--Mike Howell, Global Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Rentokil Initial