What is Project Pacific?

Project Pacific, a technology preview, empowers IT Operators and Developers to accelerate innovation by converging containers and VMs into VMware’s vSphere platform with native Kubernetes. VMware has leveraged Kubernetes to rearchitect vSphere and extend its capabilities to all modern and traditional applications.

Project Pacific transforms vSphere into the app platform of the future.

Enterprises can now accelerate the development and operation of modern apps on VMware vSphere while continuing to take advantage of existing investments in technology, tools and skillsets. By leveraging Kubernetes to rearchitect vSphere, Project Pacific will enable developers and IT operators to build and manage apps comprised of containers and/or virtual machines. This approach gives enterprises a single platform to operate existing and modern apps side-by-side.



Introducing Project Pacific

Transforming vSphere into the App Platform of the Future


Project Pacific Demo

See Project Pacific in action in this brief demonstration.


vSphere with Native Kubernetes

Embed Kubernetes into the control plane of vSphere, for unified access to compute, storage and networking resources, and also converge VMs and containers using the new vSphere native Pods that are high performing, secure and easy to consume. Additionally, Project Pacific will deliver Kubernetes clusters as a service to developers.

App-focused Management

Enable app-level control for applying policies, quota and role-based access to developers. With Project Pacific, IT will have unified visibility into vCenter Server for Kubernetes clusters, containers and existing VMs, as well as apply enterprise-grade vSphere capabilities (like High Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), and vMotion) at the app level.

Dev & IT Ops Collaboration

Empower IT operators, using vSphere tools, to deliver Kubernetes clusters to developers, who can then use Kubernetes APIs to access SDDC infrastructure. With Project Pacific, both developers and IT operators will gain a consistent view via Kubernetes constructs in vSphere.


Increased Velocity

Developers can innovate faster with a self-service interface and IT operators achieve mission critical SLAs with a high performance platform that simplifies day 2 operations

Control at Scale

IT operators can easily manage access and resource allocation for both containers and VMs and run modern apps securely, at enterprise scale

Improved Economics

Organizations can leverage their existing investments in tools, processes and skillset and support both existing and modern apps on a single platform

VMware’s extensive ecosystem of partners will also benefit from Project Pacific which will enable their tools to work against container-based applications seamlessly and without any modifications. Ultimately, Project Pacific will help enterprises to accelerate the deployment of modern apps while reducing the complexity involved to manage them in the hybrid cloud.