How do you ensure application performance and optimize resources in a virtual and cloud environment? Get the facts you need to make the right choice.

How do you ensure application performance and optimize resources in a virtual and cloud environment? Get the facts you need to make the right choice.

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IT Operations Management Buyer's Checklist

Use this handy checklist for intelligent operations management.

Turn IT Nightmares Into IT Dreams

Simplify your IT operations across private and public clouds with vRealize Suite Standard-everything you need in one unified operations management solution with predictive analytics driving proactive action.

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Next-Gen Infrastructure for Next-Gen Apps

Next-Gen Infrastructure for Next-Gen Apps? Make It So

Five steps to ensure a successful journey to next generation applications.


Fact: To optimize application performance you need a proactive solution

  • Other operations management systems don't meet the demands of today's virtual and cloud infrastructure. You need a solution that helps you go from being reactive to proactive and, finally, innovative. 
  • Ensure any management tool you evaluate has the power and intelligence to proactively aggregate, correlate, and analyze metrics across applications and infrastructure stacks, without adding stress to your environment.
  • Don't fall for vendor claims that sound too good to be true; dig deep to ensure you do not have any blind spots. vRealize Operations and VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler work seamlessly together to ensure in-cluster and cross-cluster workload placement and rebalancing and capacity management that delivers superior performance and availability.

Fact: Automation, while keeping you in control, is critical

  • While pursuing the current rush toward simplification, other vendors have over-simplified their solutions to the point where their tools exacerbate or even cause service outages. 
  • Root cause analysis is a must-have. Troubleshooting should exist in even the most automated software-defined datacenter environments. Not every issue can be solved by a simple alert or moving a virtual machine. Learn more.

Fact: VMware delivers the leading, proven, best virtualization and cloud management solution

  • As the market leader, trusted by organizations of all sizes in all regions of the world, VMware's vSphere virtualization and cloud platform has saved IT organizations millions of dollars. 
  • The best tool to manage this platform is vRealize Operations, which delivers 360-degree visibility, more than 50% reduction in IT costs, competitive pricing, and value from day one.
  • No other management solution delivers the same level of integration, extensibility, and performance and capacity analysis monitoring, alerts, analysis, and troubleshooting as vRealize Operations.




Fact: Experts choose vRealize Operations

  • vRealize Operations is proven through thousands of customer deployments.
  • Read the white paper, How to Select a Virtualization Management Tool, written by renowned virtualization and cloud computing expert David Davis, as he steps you through the evaluation process and provides a handy worksheet to choosing a virtualization management solution.









Make the Intelligent Choice

Look no further than VMware vRealize Operations, delivering intelligent operations management from applications to infrastructure across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. vRealize Operations is included in vRealize Suite and VMware's cloud management platform. Discover vRealize Operations and how customers are getting tangible benefits and fast ROI from intelligent operations.

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