Hands-On Lab
1 hr 15 min
vSphere with Tanzu

Rearchitected vSphere with native Kubernetes enabling IT admins for using vCenter server to operate Kubernetes clusters through namespaces.

  • App Platform
  • Kubernetes
VMWare Advanced Load Balancer

Explore VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer to easily apply load balancing and web application firewalls to any application.

  • Security & Networking
  • VMware Advanced Load Balancer
  • Trial
60 days
App Volumes

Technical documentation and guides to make your evaluation for App Volumes successful. 

  • VMware App Volumes
Hands-On Lab
45 min
Automate your VMware Cloud on AWS

Learn the tools that help automate your VMware Cloud on AWS environment.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS
Hands-On Lab
5 hrs 30 min
Horizon - App and Desktop Virtualization

Create and manage Instant Clone desktop pools and RDSH farms while learning to consume desktops and apps with a single sign-on.

  • VMware Horizon
Hands-On Lab
3 hrs
NSX Adv. Load Balancer - Global Server

Get the opportunity to learn Global Server Load Balancing features of VMware NSX Adv. Load Balancer and modules that cover cross-site high availability and location awareness.

  • VMware NSX
Hands-On Lab
4 hrs
Site Recovery Manager

Check out the new features, failover virtual machines, plan a data center migration, and execute a disaster recovery plan.

  • Cloud & Edge Infrastructure
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Hands-On Lab
Hands-On Lab
1 hr 30 min
VMware Skyline

Learn how proactive support helps avoid problems before they occur and reduces the time spent on resolving active support requests.

  • VMware Skyline
60 days

Discover how to virtualize applications and start them without requiring installation.

  • VMware ThinApp
Hands-On Lab
45 min
vRealize Automation - Lightning Lab

Explore the vRealize Automation self-service portal, and take a walk through a catalog request, demonstrating the approval process and investigate a deployment.

  • VMware vRealize Automation
60 days
vRealize Automation

Learn first-hand how to simplify your cloud experience with the modern automation platform. 

60 days
vRealize Operations for Horizon

Explore how to extend VMware vRealize Operations Manager functionality to monitor and manage VMware Horizon environments. 

  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon
Hands-On Lab
1 hr 45 min
vSphere Automation- PowerCLI

Get hands-on with PowerCLI and dive deeper with real-world examples.

  • VMware vSphere
Hands-On Lab
1 hr 30 min
vSphere Distributed Services Engine

Learn how VMware and hardware vendors’ partnership help offload and accelerate I/O and security functions to cards with DPUs, thereby increasing overall system performance capacity in a cost-efficient manner.

Free Product
Workstation Player

Free local virtualization solution for Windows and Linux.

  • Anywhere Workspace
  • Free Product
  • VMware Workstation

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