Drive Operational Efficiencies

Streamlined, Actionable Insights

Gain intelligent workload and infrastructure insights based on pattern correlation and detection to surface anomalies.

Fast Issue Resolution

Access deep contextual troubleshooting for Kubernetes, AWS and Azure environments with embedded Aria Operations for Applications on Tanzu Hub.

Unified Experience for Proactive Operations

Unlock AI/ML-based insights through integration with observability, logs, Kubernetes and public cloud.

Modern Applications Introduce New Challenges


Of organizations plan to make significant investments in AIOps over the next 12 to 18 months.

Source: TechTarget.
“What’s next: Predictions, challenges,
and IT trends for 2023.”
Lev Craig. Dec. 29, 2022.


Of organizations state their IT teams need to spend an increasing amount of time managing technologies and infrastructure.

Source: Dell Technologies.
“State of Autonomous
Operations Report.”


Different monitoring tools used by organizations, on average, to gain greater visibility and access to applications. 

Source: TechTarget.
“Explore the 2022 application
performance monitoring market.”
Emily Foster. August 4, 2022.

Tanzu Insights Features

Unified Platform

Unify disparate, siloed tools and gain in-depth analysis across many data sources to help pinpoint issues and provide guided solutions.

Faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

By correlating data from multiple sources and grouping alerts, Tanzu Insights reduces IT alert noise. Using Al/ML, it delivers probable root cause analysis.

AI/ML-Powered Remediation

Preemptively address problems with in-depth investigation capabilities. Resolve unexpected challenges with remediation assistance from generative Al.

Access VMware Tanzu Insights

Free Tier

Discover comprehensive multi-cloud visibility with powerful insights. Includes:

  • 10,000 events per calendar month
  • Automatically enabled with VMware Tanzu Hub
  • 14-day retention

To learn more about the Free Tier features, visit VMware Tanzu Hub.


Paid Tier

All the capabilities of Free Tier, plus:

  • Unlimited number of public cloud accounts and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Unlimited real-time, event-based inventory
  • Dedicated customer success support

The Paid Tier is priced by number of events or alerts. You can purchase by fixed quantities of events/month.

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