iTHC (InfoTech Health Check)


Important information regarding the iTHC (InfoTech Health Check) asset acquisition


On 16 April 2012, VMware announced the acquisition of certain assets of iTHC (Info Tech Health Check), a company that develops and licenses IT benchmarks across more than 20 industries and over 3,500 parameters.  The acquisition of iTHC will further build out VMware’s benchmark capability in support of our Accelerate Services capability and ITBM business.


VMware has retained all the staff at iTHC in order to make this transition as smooth as possible.  You can continue to obtain technical support and access to the Automated Analysis Engine™ tool and benchmarking data per your current services engagements with iTHC or one of its partners. If you have been obtaining technical support from a Partner for this product and still have an active benchmarking engagement agreement in place with them, please continue to utilize that partner’s preferred method for logging and resolving technical support cases. 


If you receive support directly from iTHC, please continue to use your regular support access methods for logging support cases, as set forth at the iTHC web site.

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iTHC offers benchmarking services over a finite period of time, so if you have any additional consultation needs they will be handled via successive engagements, either directly or through qualified partners. For more information, please contact


You may also learn more about how the acquisition affects you by checking the InfoTech Health Check website at


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