Hit refresh on your data center infrastructure

Choose an Intel® Select Solution for VMware vSAN as the complete solution for your next server refresh and join more than 10,000 diverse global customers in hyper-converging compute and storage to meet tomorrow's business demands.

VMware is the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software market leader with VMware vSAN, the industry’s only vSphere-native storage solution. Organizations within all industries and of all sizes have completed a data center refresh with vSAN to power everything from mission-critical applications to essential edge computing to multi-cloud environments.

Together, VMware and Intel enable IT organizations to realize a digital transformation that delivers IT infrastructure and application services with the speed and agility to support business innovation, all while optimizing TCO and improving resource utilization. VMware’s software-defined HCI architecture and Intel technology integrate compute, network, and storage virtualization technologies and enable businesses to modernize their infrastructure, automate IT, and run modern applications.



ONO Academic College Chooses VMware for Flexibility, Ease of use & Backup Management

"Only one employee is now managing all the storage and the virtual machines and he does that also part time. The IT staff is now free to develop new systems and we do not have to deal with daily maintenance."

— Oren Laufer, Head of Computerization, Ono Academy


Coop Danmark A/S Refreshes Strategy and Cuts IT Costs

“The total cost of our IT systems is very important because we are operating in a very low margin market with very stiff competition. We are very keen on standardizing our IT so that it’s as cost-effective as possible.”

Soren Vendler, IT Enterprise Architect Manager, Coop Danmark


Durham Delivers the Best IT Without Compromise

"The college made some significant savings from its vSAN deployment – mainly due to not having to refresh its physical storage. On evaluation, it looks like we’ll be saving £100k - £120k by implementing vSAN"

— George Wraith, Head of ICT, New College Durham

Hit refresh on your data center strategy and accelerate infrastructure modernization with VMware vSAN. By doing so, you can make IT a strategic, cost-effective advantage for your company. vSAN is built on industry-standard x86 servers and components that help lower TCO by up to 50% versus traditional storage.

With Intel Select Solutions for vSAN, you get the optimized performance your hyperconverged infrastructure needs and demands — without the time and hassle of having to tune the stack yourself — thanks to the workload-optimized configurations verified for Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. Intel Select Solutions are performance-optimized specifically for VMware vSAN, and reduce the time required to evaluate, select, and purchase the necessary hardware components, making it quicker and easier to deploy your infrastructure refresh.

By extending your server refresh to storage, vSAN can help evolve your data center infrastructure without risk, reduce IT costs and scale to tomorrow's business needs.


Why Enterprises Are Embracing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Today’s enterprise leaders are looking for a way to make apps run faster, IT management cheaper, and provisioning easier. The advent of hyper-converged software (HCS) has meant that organizations can now get much more out of their hardware than ever before.

Simplify and secure your data center while lowering cost and increasing performance with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure powered by VMware vSAN and Intel® Xeon® processors, SSD's and NIC's.

Download now to find out how and why enterprises are embracing this new hyper-converged infrastructure.


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