Optimize Multi-Cloud Costs

Optimize Costs Across Multi-Cloud and Container Environments

Moving to public cloud doesn’t always result in cost savings. In fact, 80% of organizations will overspend against their cloud IaaS budgets because they don’t have a pulse on the true cost of their cloud environment.

Tackle cost optimization from the start and hold your teams accountable across multi-cloud and container environments with simplified budget tracking, detailed spend analysis, and trended resource usage data from VMware.

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Benefits of Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization with VMware

Increase Multi-Cloud Transparency

Increase Multi-Cloud Transparency

Gain insight into what each team is doing with your clouds by leveraging our dynamic multi-cloud reports and custom dashboards.

Track and Allocate Spend

Track and Allocate Spend

Create reallocation rules to distribute cloud costs among one or more business groups for effective chargeback or showback.

Stay on Budget

Stay on Budget

Define budgets for teams, projects or any other important dimension you need to manage.

Analyze Spending Trends

Analyze Spending Trends

Evaluate monthly spending trends and anomalies while leveraging your historical data to forecast future spend.

Drive Down Cloud Costs

Drive Down Cloud Costs

Uncover hidden cloud costs and monitor increases in resource spend across your multi-cloud environment.

Optimize Reservations and Savings Plans

Optimize Reservations and Savings Plans

Receive proactive recommendations to purchase or exchange reservations and savings plans to ensure your purchases are fully optimized.

Understanding Cloud Costs 


9 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Many organizations have learned the hard way that moving to the public cloud didn’t always achieve the cost savings they expected. This eBook will teach you about the nine best practices that will help you enjoy the agility benefits of the cloud without the risks of overshooting your budget.

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How to Build a Successful Cloud Financial Management Practice

Drive a culture of financial accountability when you understand the key responsibilities of a Cloud Financial Management (CFM) function. Discover the four pillars for any successful CFM and understand key indicators that underpin all successful CFM initiatives.

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Market Leaders Choose VMware 






Rapid Growth Calls for Quick Scale of Multi-Cloud Environment

PowerSchool easily uncovered hidden cloud costs, improved governance and increased visibility with CloudHealth by VMware.
“Maintaining reservations is extremely easy through CloudHealth, even when operating in a multi-cloud environment.”
– Josh Aldridge, Program Manager & Cloud Commander, PowerSchool

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