Because Medicines Matter

Clinical trials can be fraught with complications—an unacceptable outcome for patients needing lifesaving medicines, and for pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ bottom lines. Almac Clinical Technologies, part of Almac Group, helps by providing management software that streamlines clinical trials. Because getting pharmaceutical and biotech companies up and running quickly is essential, Almac relies on a virtualized infrastructure powered by VMware technologies, including vRealize Automation. It previously could take up to 14 weeks to push clinical trials live, but today with vRealize Automation, Almac can do that in just 6 weeks. 

Almac Group and VMware

Almac shortens clinical trial process to bring vital medicine to market with vRealize Automation

Almac Group and VMware 

Accelerated Innovation

Speeding clinical trials is a priority for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, whose success hinges on getting medicines to patients faster. With vRealize Automation, Almac can set up an IT foundation for each customer wanting to use its clinical trial management application in as little as three hours, a process that used to take weeks. What’s more, Almac can get customers’ overall clinical trials underway—from initial purchase order to go live— in half the time. The benefits aren’t just evident to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, but also to Almac which enjoys increased productivity and reduced operating expenses due to VMware solutions.

Almac Group

Location: Craigavon, Ireland, United Kingdom
Industry: Pharmaceutical and Biotech
Products: VMware vSphere, vRealize Automation

Customer Satisfaction

In biotech and pharmaceuticals, drug development costs are high, yet the financial and human-impact advantages of releasing new medicines quickly are substantial. At Almac, customer satisfaction rides on the ability to bring medicines to patients faster through more efficient, reliable IT. A virtualized infrastructure and automated IT are improving quality, boosting uptime, enabling faster services, and reducing delays. The result: more satisfied customers and broader, faster availability of drugs that save lives and alleviate suffering.

What Almac Group has to say about us

"We were already a VMware customer and were comfortable with using VMware virtualization technologies in our high-stakes production environment. When we looked toward automating IT processes for provisioning the resources required to get customers up and running, we quickly seized on vRealize Automation."


Andrew Hillis, Group Head of Information Services, Almac Group


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