2020 Gender Pay Gap Analysis in the UK


The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men and women and is always expressed as a percentage of male earnings. These UK-required reporting statistics are not the same as equal pay, which deals with pay discrimination and the differences in pay when members of the opposite sex are paid differently but yet they carry out the same work, similar work or work of equal value. 


Our disclosure for The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 in the UK reveals an issue which is common across the technology industry: there are still not enough women in senior technology roles.


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Closing the Gender Pay Gap: VMware’s Commitment to Advancing Women in Leadership Roles


VMware is proud to be an organisation that is committed to the success of its female workforce. It is our goal to not only improve representation of women in the technology sector, but also to demonstrate that it is an industry where women can truly have a thriving and rewarding career while driving success. 


We welcome the UK law that requires us to report our gender pay gap calculations. We recognise that transparency and accountability is at the heart of tackling this and monitoring our pay gap will help us to measure our progress and continue to challenge ourselves as we strive to increase female representation and advance women’s leadership and representation of women in senior technology roles within our industry.


We take an agile approach to improving diversity in order to evolve our programmes, tools and policies in a way that drives change both in our organization and across the technology industry as a whole. We recognise that recruiting a diverse workforce and then retaining them is a core component to our mission and goal of improving female representation and persistently increasing senior female leaders across our talented workforce. We also continue to regularly review our workforce’s pay, to ensure that it is both fair, non-discriminatory and competitive in the market. 


Progress includes: 


  • We continue to invest in a several higher education programmes with a view to encouraging greater participation of women and girls in the technology sector including sponsorship of a number of initiatives such as:
    1. Employers for Pay Equity
    2. Seeds of Change
    3. Tech Inclusion Pledge
    4. Women Who Code
    5. Women Transforming Technology
    6. A VMware female senior leadership mentor joining Brunel University’s Women in Brunel Engineering & Computing programme (“WiBEC”), in addition to providing mentoring support to undergraduates across numerous universities to help encourage women to pursue ambitious careers in the technology sector
    7. Chairing the Tech Partnership’s Higher Education Employers Committee; and 
    8. Involvement in the accredited Degree Apprenticeships programme.
  • We have sponsored the EveryWoman in Technology Awards in the UK for several years, uncovering and celebrating the most inspirational women working within the STEM industry. This year we are very proud to confirm that Duncan Greenwood our VP of Sales for Northern EMEA which includes UK&I, was awarded the “Male Agent of Change” award at the EveryWoman in Tech Awards.  
  • In addition, Duncan Greenwood is our executive representative for EMEA on VMware’s Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) board. As part of our efforts, we continually work with our Power of Difference (POD) employee group in the UK to feedback on areas of focus. Recent activities have included International Women’s Day, The Power of Belonging event along with promoting career diversity in UK schools, greater availability of STEM subjects and flexible working arrangements.  
  • With the launch of VMware’s new Digital Sales Centre in Barcelona in 2019, there is a key focus on hiring diverse junior talent who will be trained in role and given the opportunity to join our field team (including the UK) as part of their career path. Of those hired so far, 30% are female candidates and 50% of hires intend to return to the UK field team.  

We confirm the data reported is accurate.


Person responsible for report: Melinda Lee Ferguson, Vice President, UK and Ireland


*VMinclusion was launched four years ago as a business-led effort to attract and engage the multinational, multicultural talent critical to our globally connected business, with a key priority to grow the representation of women leaders