Engaging Technical Talent For Nonprofit Capacity Building 

Today, every organization needs technology to run operations, scale growth, and transform its business to achieve success. Technology is at the core of capacity building, yet the social sector is severely behind the for-profit sector in investing in and fully utilizing technology. As a result, VMware is creating this resource hub for nonprofits that want to invest in the systems, processes, and technology that increase their effectiveness in achieving its mission. Check back often as we’ll regularly update with new resources and tools.

Whether you are a person working in technology, for a nonprofit, leading a company engagement program, or a donor, we invite you to discover how we can co-create solutions for a brighter future. Together, through our collective impact, we can advance the direction of technology pro bono and bridge the growing technology divide.

Getting Started
The VMware Foundation collaborated with the Taproot Foundation to create a practical approach to engaging technology talent for nonprofit capacity building. Check out the research paper in the blue box to discover ways you can get started.

Transforming Technology Pro Bono