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VMware Contexa, the VMware Threat Intelligence Cloud

VMware Contexa™ sees what others don’t, powering VMware Security to stop threats others can’t.

Simplified Workload Protection that Scales with Modern IT

Vulnerability Management for vSphere

Learn how vSphere admins can easily enable workload security from the vCenter plugin and accelerate patching via risk-prioritization

vRealize Automation SaltStack Config

Comprehensive Risk Prioritization

According to recent research, any given organization can address only 10% of vulnerabilities in its environment. How can you prioritize the right vulnerabilities to patch and focus your resources where they matter?

Advanced Workload Protection for the Modern Data Center

Operationalize consistent security on workloads running in virtualized, private and hybrid cloud environments with prioritized vulnerability reporting and workload hardening with industry-leading prevention, detection, and response capabilities. Tightly integrated with vSphere, VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload provides a simplified deployment experience that alleviates installation and management overhead.
Faster Time to Market

Reduce the Attack Surface and Harden Workloads

Easily audit current system state to harden workloads against attack. Enable IT to better operationalize hardening and collaborate with the security team, reducing your attack surface and risk.

Ease of Use

Increase Visibility Across Environments

Evaluate more than 2,000 configuration states on your workloads and run ongoing assessments to track IT hygiene over time. Detect any attack that gets through perimeter defenses and respond quickly.

Security and Control

Secure Workloads Against Emerging Threats

With advanced workload protection from VMware Carbon Black, block both known and unknown advanced attacks - including malware, fileless and living-off-the-land attacks.

Accelerated Innovation

Simplify Operations Across IT, Security, and Development Teams

Replace multiple security tools with advanced workload protection built for today’s needs. Provide a single source of truth to enable collaboration, reduce friction, and accelerate response.

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Ready to Get Started?

Discover a new approach to workload security with VMware Carbon Black. This powerful solution offers vSphere users workload visibility, threat detection and change control by embedding directly into the vSphere hypervisor.