VMware Dynamic Environment Manager simplifies end-user profile management

Dynamic Environment Manager offers personalization and dynamic policy configuration across any virtual, physical and cloud-based Windows desktop environment, and is a key component of JMP – the next generation of desktop and application delivery. This focused, powerful and scalable solution is engineered to deliver workplace productivity while driving down the cost of day-to-day desktop support and operations.

VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Overview

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VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Overview

Watch how Jim from IT uses VMware Dynamic Environment Manager to manage user profile and policy settings in his virtual desktop, published application, physical desktop, and cloud environments.

What Dynamic Environment Manager Does

Personalization and Dynamic Policy Configuration

Manage profiles and policies across any virtual, physical and cloud-based Windows desktop environment.

Accelerate time-to-desktop and time-to-application

Replace bloated roaming profiles and unmaintainable, complex logon scripts. Map environmental settings (such as networks and printers), and dynamically apply end-user security policies and personalizations.

Simplify end-user profile management

Provide your organizations with a single, light-weight and scalable solution that leverages existing infrastructure.


Technical Demo - Dynamic Environment Manager

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Technical Demo

Explore key use cases for the Dynamic Environment Manager.

Get More with Horizon Advanced or Enterprise Edition

Upgrade to Horizon Enterprise, including vSAN and vRealize Operations Management for Horizon, for the highest levels of automation and management.

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Create Personalized and Dynamic Policy Configurations

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Create Personalized and Dynamic Policy Configurations

Discover how Dynamic Environment Manager can help managing a user’s persona across devices and locations.

Dynamic Environment Manager Community

Check out the Dynamic Environment Manager community for technical tips, best practices, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Centralized and simplified user environment management with policies and settings

Simple by design, this solution can easily be managed without scripting or complex user interfaces.

Consistent and personalized experience across devices and locations

Contextual policies for user persona management ensure that IT can map policy settings that tie directly to the end user’s device and location.

Enterprise-grade scalability

Scale out services with a single solution that supports virtual, physical and cloud-hosted environments.

Building block for JMP

JMP (pronounced jump) is the next-generation desktop and application delivery platform included in VMware Horizon Enterprise. JMP leverages Instant Clones, App Volumes, and Dynamic Environment Management technologies to untangle the operating system, applications, and user personalization. By doing so, all the component pieces together can be reconstituted on-demand to deliver Just-in-Time desktops and apps across any infrastructure topologies – delivered to any device.