Scale and Secure Your VDI Solutions with Simplicity

Simple and Secure VDI with VMware Cloud Foundation

Learn about the features and benefits of deploying Horizon with VMware Cloud Foundation.

Explore How VMware Horizon Delivers Secure Digital Workspaces

Discover the features and benefits of Horizon, the leading platform for VDI.

What Is VMware Cloud Foundation?

VMware Cloud Foundation delivers enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure in an integrated stack for the private and public cloud.


VMware Cloud Foundation with Horizon Delivers

Simplified Management

  • Simplify planning and design with a standardized enterprise cloud platform for VDI workloads.
  • Reduce complexity with automated management for deployment, configuration, provisioning, patching and upgrades.
  • Start small and grow with a scalable VDI stack.
  • Deliver a superior user experience with proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

Best-of-Breed VDI Solutions

  • Reduce risk and enable lifecycle interoperability through an integrated and standardized deployment of cloud infrastructure with Horizon.
  • Deploy programmable, hardware-independent and highly scalable software-defined infrastructure.
  • Deliver great end-user experiences through high-performance VDI.

End-to-End Security

  • Reduce data leakage from lost or stolen devices and malware.
  • Quarantine intrusions with network micro-segmentation.
  • Enforce policy-driven access to desktops and apps across corporate and employee-owned devices.
  • Fortify data protection with VM encryption, data at rest encryption and distributed firewall support.

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