Micro-Segmentation Enhanced Security


VMware NSX Data Center decouples security functions from the underlying physical infrastructure and embeds them directly into the hypervisor, distributing them across the data center. This allows intelligent security policies to travel with virtual workloads, independent of the physical network topology.


Learn about NSX security and micro-segmentation.

Empowering Zero Trust Security Through Network Virtualization and Micro-Segmentation



NSX Data Center makes network micro-segmentation feasible for the first time. It enables granular firewalling and security policy enforcement for every workload in the data center, independent of the network topology and complexity.

Test-Drive Micro-segmentation

Try the NSX Data Center Micro-segmentation Hands-on Lab, no installation required.

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Secure End User

Micro-segmentation allows NSX Data Center to give each desktop its own perimeter defense and per-App VPN access from mobile devices, eliminating unauthorized access between adjacent workloads.

DMZ Anywhere

NSX Data Center enables security and advanced services to be dynamically assigned to workloads independent of the underlying physical network. This dramatically improves time to response, overall security posture, and third-party integration.




Armor Shields its Customers from Cyber Threats

NSX Data Center provided a virtualized network environment to underpin Armor’s security-as-a-service solution and to fortify its managed cloud.


“NSX and VMware give us that ability to orchestrate our customers in a cloud-like environment, but give them the security wrapper that allows them from day one to be born secure.”

— Jeff Schilling, Chief Security Officer, Armor