Gain Network Visibility Across Clouds

Securely and confidently manage your network at scale with intelligent application discovery, network optimization, analytics, and troubleshooting with Assurance and Verification.

Application Discovery & Visibility

Gain visibility into your applications and construct meaningful insights. Use machine learning to discover which VMs are part of each app.

Secure Migration Planning

Leverage granular visibility to speed up network segmentation rollouts and migration plans. Minimize risk by mapping topology so you can migrate to the cloud with confidence.

Enhanced Troubleshooting

Proactively optimize your network to minimize application latency, improve performance and increase reliability with guided network troubleshooting.

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Key Features and Benefits

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Compare Editions


Support baseline visibility including NSX network segmentation, NSX troubleshooting, and virtual flows. Available on premise.


Supports all vRealize Network Insight features and data sources including Assurance and Verification (visibility for VMware SD-WAN requires a separate license). Available on premise.


SaaS Feature set of Enterprise edition, delivered as a service. Everything in Enterprise. Location Availability map.

SD-WAN Edition

For end-to-end visibility, add VMware SD-WAN as a data source. Available on premise or SaaS.

Assurance and Verification

For monitoring of additional network devices, add Assurance and Verification. Available on premise or SaaS.


License Type



1- to 5-Year Terms


Service and Support


vRealize Network Insight Cloud for
VMware Cloud on AWS*
Azure VMware Solution*,
Google Cloud VMware Engine,
VMware Cloud on Dell EMC (SaaS)

$0.1761 per CPU/hour (paid monthly)

Starting from $1079.40 per CPU/year (paid upfront)


vRealize Network Insight Cloud for
Native Public Cloud (AWS, Azure)

$0.0089 per vCPU/hour (paid monthly)

Starting from $54.60 per vCPU/year (paid upfront)


vRealize Network Insight Cloud for

On-demand not available

Starting from $99 per SD-WAN edge/year based on bandwidth term length (paid upfront)


vRealize Network Insight Cloud Assurance and Verification (SaaS add-on for network devices)

$0.053 per network device/hour (paid monthly)

$348.96 per network device/year (paid upfront)


vRealize Network Insight (On-Premises)

Contact Sales for on-premises pricing



*Each host requires 2 CPU licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

vRealize Network Insight is a network monitoring tool that helps you build an optimized, highly available and secure network infrastructure across your cloud environments including NSX, VMware SD-WAN, vSphere, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, and VMware Cloud deployments. It is available on premises and as SaaS.

vRealize Network Insight collects and analyzes metrics, APIs, configurations, metadata, integrations, telemetry netflow, sFlow, and IPFIX flow traffic, which traverses the infrastructure. Once the traffic is analyzed, vRealize Network Insight provides traffic distribution details and a real-time view of network traffic patterns, and collects configuration details and performance metrics for full visibility.


See system requirements for technical requirements for running vRealize Network Insight on premises.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud is a SaaS offering, so users can access the product using a web browser. We recommend using the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers for the best experience.

vRealize Network Insight has a number of use cases across networking, applications and security. See the datasheet for full details.

Key benefits of vRealize Network Insight include:

  • Application discovery and visibility
  • Security and migration planning
  • Better troubleshooting and day 2 ops

To use the Assurance and Verification capability on premises, vRealize Network Insight Enterprise is required. For SaaS, use vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

For customers with only devices to monitor and no CPUs, a separate vRealize Network Insight Assurance and Verification license is available.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud supports multi-cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and vSphere-based on-premises private clouds.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud is available for purchase globally and hosted in US West (Oregon), Canada Central (Montreal), Europe (London), (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Sydney).

View the location map here.


Both vRealize Network Insight Cloud (SaaS) and vRealize Network Insight (on-premises) offer feature parity. With these two solutions, VMware offers you a choice of software consumption model. You can consume VMware Network Insight Cloud as SaaS or deploy vRealize Network Insight on-premises within your data center to manage your multi-cloud environment.

Anyone who is looking for better network and security control in their network infrastructure environment will benefit from vRealize Network Insight. Visibility is supported across many platforms, such as NSX, VMware SD-WAN, VMware Cloud on AWS, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition and more.

See the full list of ports and protocols used in vRealize Network Insight here.

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