VMware vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform

vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready, cloud management platform that delivers the industry’s most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud.


VMware vRealize Suite: Cloud Management Platform

Discover how vRealize Suite redefines cloud management. 

Explore VMware vRealize Suite

Learn how this enterprise-ready cloud management platform (CMP) can help you accelerate cloud service delivery, improve cloud operations and optimize cloud costs.

What vRealize Suite Delivers

Intelligent Operations

Proactively address health, performance and capacity management of IT services across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments in order to improve efficiency, performance and availability.

IT Automating IT

Automate the delivery and ongoing management of IT infrastructure to reduce the time it takes to respond to requests for IT resources and improve the ongoing management of provisioned resources. Understand the cost of infrastructure options and the consumption of resources by end users in order to maximize capital spending.

DevOps-Ready IT

Build a cloud solution for development teams that can deliver a complete application stack, support developer choice in the form of both API and GUI access to resources and provision resources across a hybrid cloud. Extend the solution scope by addressing continuous delivery to further speed up application delivery.


vRealize Suite Walkthrough

See how you can accelerate cloud service delivery, improve cloud operations & optimize cloud costs.

Customers Succeed with vRealize Suite

Customers of all sizes and industries use vRealize Suite to manage their public, private and hybrid clouds in their Software-Defined Data Centers.

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Discover what the industry’s most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud can do for your organization.

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Total Economic Impact of Intelligent Operations with vRealize

A VMware-commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact study demonstrates quantifiable ROI of 119%, a payback period of 3 months, and $1.4M NPV over 3 years.

How Much Will You Save?

Purpose-Built for the Hybrid Cloud

Realize the full power of the cloud with vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform.

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Learn how to meet any cloud driven challenges.

What's Included in vRealize Suite

vRealize Automation 

Automated delivery of personalized infrastructure, applications and custom IT services.

vRealize Operations 

Intelligent health, performance, capacity, and configuration management.

vRealize Log Insight 

Real time log management and log analysis.

vRealize Business for Cloud 

Automated costing, usage metering, and service pricing of virtualized infrastructure.


VMware offers three vRealize Suite editions that provide different functionality at different price points, making it easy to license VMware vRealize Suite to meet your specific requirements and use cases.


Standard Edition: Supports Intelligent Operations Management use case for companies looking to improve application performance and availability via predictive analytics and smart alerts. See the Standard Edition Product Walkthrough.


Advanced Edition: Supports Automated IT automated IT use cases for companies who need to accelerate the delivery of IT infrastructure services by automating delivery and ongoing management. See the Advanced Edition Product Walkthrough.


Enterprise Edition: Supports DevOps-Ready IT use case for companies with DevOps initiatives who are looking to automate the delivery and management of full application stacks. See the Enterprise Edition Product Walkthrough.


Upgrades to vRealize Suite can be purchased for vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Business for Cloud Advanced or from lower editions of vRealize Suite. Get more out of vRealize Suite with third-party integrations, adaptors and management packs. For a complete list visit Solution Exchange.

vRealize Suite Comparison Table & Use Cases

Choose from three vRealize Suite editions to meet your specific requirements and use cases.


VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform is available in three editions:
Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. New portable licensing allows customers to manage multi-vendor private and public clouds with common licensing.


New Hybrid Cloud Portable Licensing

VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform is licensed using Portable License Unit (PLU) that gives you the flexibility to manage workloads regardless of whether they are on vSphere on-premises, third-party hypervisors, physical servers, or supported public clouds. There is no license switching or conversion required. One PLU allows usage of vRealize Suite to manage unlimited operating system instances (OSI) deployed on-premises on one vSphere CPU or up to 15 OSIs deployed on the public cloud including VMware vCloud Air, all supported public clouds, vCloud Air Network Partners, as well as third-party hypervisors and physical servers.



Portable License Unit

VMware's Portable License Unit gives you flexibility to manage a variety of workloads.



vRealize Suite Customer Videos

Customers of all sizes and industries use vRealize Suite to manage their public, private and hybrid clouds in their Software-Defined Data Centers.

vRealize Suite Customer Videos (YouTube Playlist)

University of New Mexico

See how the University of New Mexico uses vRealize Automation and NSX to enable departments to build out compute and network environments with HIPAA and FERPA compliance.

Video: Improved Security and Compliance with NSX and vRealize Automation

U.S. Federal Government Agency

See how a U.S. Federal Government Agency saves up to 3,300 staff hours a year with vRealize Automation.

Video: Better Visibility and Alignment with vRealize Automation 7

Columbia Sportswear

See how Columbia Sportswear leverages vRealize Cloud Management Platform to enable global business transformation.

Video: Business Transformation with vRealize Cloud Management Platform



See how Rent-A-Center improves infrastructure utilization, time to deploy, disk space utilization and more with vRealize Suite.


"We have an 85% (improvement) in infrastructure utilization, in time to deploy, in disk space utilization… it’s just been a tremendous savings in every dimension." — Michael Conroy, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Rent-A-Center





SAIC's customers can now provision resources and entire platforms security within minutes with vRealize Automation.


"By moving to vRealize Automation... our customers can now provision resources and entire platforms that meet all of our security standards within minutes.” — Coby Holloway, VP, Cloud Computing & Business Transformation, SAIC



vRealize delivers business agility and delivers infrastructure faster for Heartland.


"We are utilizing...vRealize Automation to put in those governance steps that need to happen on the back end while delivering infrastructure faster.”— Brendon McCaulley, Sr. Director IT, Heartland