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Cloud-Based Management Showdown: Windows Management Approaches Compared

Not all cloud-based management solutions are created equal. Learn how cloud-native, modern management allows your organization to manage devices and support employees, where they are.

Make Progress on Your Journey to Modern Management

In this whitepaper, find out what’s possible when you shed the limitations of traditional management, as remote work becomes the standard.

Modern Management Powered by Intelligence Fuels IT Transformation

Workspace ONE enables cloud-first, modern management across physical or virtual endpoints, apps, and enterprise services. The industry leading platform provides the management depth, real-time compliance, and data-driven insights that IT needs to simplify IT operations, harden security, and engage and empower employees with an “any app, any device” experience.

Simplify IT Operations

80% of IT budget is spent in routine management tasks.  Workspace ONE features a SaaS-first and unified platform that simplifies IT ops and reduces TCO.

Harden Security

95% of security threats originate at endpoints. Workspace ONE features enterprise-grade security to combat these modern threats across endpoints anywhere.

Empower Employees

2/3rd of IT teams are now measured on user experience and engagement. Workspace ONE empowers the workforce with the best productivity experience.

Workspace ONE Modern Management Features

Cross-Platform Support

Industry leading UEM delivers breadth across your EUC footprint – mobile, desktops, virtual, rugged and “things” – and management depth across each of these platforms.

Virtual Desktop and Apps

Unparalleled flexibility to deliver all Windows apps, whether natively on a desktop or within a virtual instance to any device and across any cloud.

Open Ecosystem

Orchestrate across IT systems – e.g. ITSM, SAM, HR, security, and more – via open API integrations to maximize collective benefits of current and future EUC investments.

Real-Time Management

Cloud-based, over-the-air management ensures IT can reach every endpoint across any network and keep them always up to date on policies, patches, and app versions.

Analytics and Automation

Stay context aware always with rich insights spanning silicon to software and fully customizable automations that keeps workspace secure and users productive.

Deployment Flexibility

The cloud-first solution can be flexibly deployed on-premises for customers with strict regulatory requirements and needing more control over console updates.

Modern PC Management

Goes beyond MDM to deliver complete PC management workloads from the cloud and automation to simplify transition from traditional to modern PC management.

Ready-to-Work User Experience

Day one productivity with most out-of-the-box onboarding options across any device; also complements the most secure, self-service catalog for all work apps and services.

Your Fastest Path to Complete Windows 10 Modern Management

Workspace ONE combines complete cloud-based, Windows 10 modern management with intelligent automation to empower users, harden security and simplify IT. Workspace ONE also co-exists with your traditional client management tools across any workload and features automation to speed transition to full modern management.


Most “zero IT touch” onboarding options for simpler, out-of-the-box PC setup

Only UEM with apps pre-loaded in factory without imaging – saves cost and delivers day one user productivity


Cloud-powered and real-time configuration across all policies – from silicon to software

Only UEM with over-the-air BIOS and firmware configuration and 100% Windows 10 GPOs with Baselines


The most granular and always up-to-date patching powered by UEM and Intelligence

Only UEM with CVE integration and update automation so PCs are protected in real-time from high severity exploits

Software Distribution

Full app lifecycle across all apps, including Win32, and zero server footprint peer-to-peer delivery

Only UEM with an enterprise app repository - a single source for IT to get most popular, pre-packaged and tested Win32 apps


Automated and most granular compliance for hands-free, instant remediation

Only UEM featuring full encryption lifecycle management and Sensors for compliance reporting on any system parameter


Rules-based automation to simplify routine IT tasks and proactively improve employee experience

Only UEM that automates migration to modern PC management with Workspace ONE AirLift


Provide remote support and reduce costs with most user self-service options (app catalog, password recovery, and more)

Only UEM featuring a single, consistent app catalog experience across all app types – store, Win32, SaaS, virtual


Remote restore for break-fix or instantly wipe PCs to remove sensitive data from retired, lost or stolen PCs

Only UEM featuring zero IT touch PC restore of both factory and user provisioned apps without users having to go back-and-forth with IT for break-fix

Why Choose Workspace ONE for Windows 10 Modern Management?

139% ROI

Forrester TEI study that looked at three large customers using Workspace ONE for their Windows 10 desktops reported a significant 139% ROI with a 7-month payback.

1 Week Saved

Save IT staff up to a week of on-site work and deliver systems to employees up to two weeks sooner with a modern Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE.

#1 in PC Management

Workspace ONE scored highest in PC management use case in the 2020 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for UEM Tools.

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