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Leading Change: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workspace

Watch our global launch event as we build the future of work. Learn how we provide an integrated solution to help you successfully empower the anywhere organization. 

Security Connect: Redefining Security Together

Join us on June 3 and redefine your approach to security across applications, workloads, clouds, and devices.

Cloud-Native, Always-on Endpoint and Workload Protection

Protect your endpoints and workloads against advanced attacks while streamlining operations with a single console, platform and agent. VMware Carbon Black Cloud consolidates multiple security capabilities and easily integrates with your other security investments.

Why VMware Carbon Black Cloud for Endpoint and Workload Security?

Advanced Threat Protection

Safeguard against the full spectrum of modern cyberattacks with a platform that spots the minor fluctuations that hide malicious attacks and adapts prevention and response.

Streamline Operations

A single platform, console and agent enables security and IT teams to address security events more effectively from a shared source of truth.

Prevent and Respond to Threats Faster

Leverage behavioral analytics in the cloud from more than one trillion daily events across millions of global endpoints and workloads.

Drive Efficiency and Speed

Open APIs and an extensive partner ecosystem make integration with VMware and other security tools more seamless.

Strengthen Protection

With security controls built into the infrastructure of your critical workloads, secure by design and achieve a more proactive security posture.

Improve Visibility and Accelerate Response

Comprehensive collection and visualization of all endpoint events allow your security team to complete investigations and remediations in minutes.

Related VMware Security Products and Solutions

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload is a unified cloud workload protection (CWP) solution that enhances the security posture across all phases of the workload lifecycle, which can include developing new virtualized applications, automatically scaling and growing existing applications, and monitoring long-running workloads.

Workspace Security

Enable complete endpoint security by combining unified endpoint management (UEM) and threat detection & response capabilities.

Cloud Security

Help public cloud teams mitigate risk through intelligent, real-time security insight to proactively address threats across cloud platforms.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) that allows customers to block malware, fully investigate and contain attacks, and expand protection globally without new architectural design, using a single lightweight agent and easy to use console.

Network Security

Deliver distributed firewalling and advanced threat protection for users, applications and data across multi-cloud environments.

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