Advantages Over the Competition

Unique Advantages Keep VMware Ahead of the Competition

Sixteen years after inventing x86 virtualization, we continue to offer the only virtual infrastructure platform built from the ground up for virtualization. Unlike all other x86 hypervisors, which are built on general-purpose operating systems, vSphere is designed purely to support server and end user virtualization and Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) management, storage, and networking functions. That approach gives us advantages in performance, reliability, security and management that competitors can’t match.

For Hypervisors, Thinner is Better

vSphere has no need for a general purpose operating system like other
hypervisors. That gives it a smaller virtualization footprint, reduces
the attack surface for external threats and drastically lowers the
number of patches required — giving you a more reliable product and a
more stable datacenter. No other virtualization platform can match the
compact size of the ESXi hypervisor in vSphere with its small disk

Comparing vSphere with Other Virtualization Platforms? Get the Details Here

An important benefit of the small footprint provided by the thin,
bare-metal architecture of vSphere is greatly reduced patching. Compared
to hypervisors built on large, general-purpose operating systems,
vSphere requires far fewer patches to address security and reliability
issues. That means you spend less time validating patches and updating
hypervisors and more time on IT improvements that support your business.